The beginning Tres Chic stories from Heather

The stories of Tres Chic and its specialty starts year 2002 

When the shopping habit of Lingerie was noticed it was a strong  recommendation  taking up a profession in retail sales. How did that start. Easiest way I’d suggest is buying a company that has a clientele that already have the same interest. So there the opportunity presented itself. After buying out someone who was relocating then It was time to, be introduced to companies, learn merchandising sales and more then important the exact needs of the customers. 

Lingerie and  intimate shoppers are  particular and delicately precise about their needs. Studying experiencing and dealing with mistakes is how the success of Tres Chic has been  achieved.  The companies number one attribute to the lingerie industry is the capability to help most find the products that fit  complement  and make the customers  happy. 

This blog will continue to introduce the idea of Tres chic and help you become a Tres Chic Girl!

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